How to use Snapchat, tips and tricks

how to use snapchat
If you’re starting to use Snapchat for the first time or simply you had installed the app on your smartphone and you just opened when it became popular; here I’ll tell you how to take advantage, use it properly and some tricks to know how to use Snapchat in a smart way.

What is Snapchat? What it is for?

Snapchat is mobile application that let you send photos and videos that are automatically destroyed after a certain time have been seen. It also has the option to chat with “friends”, share photos, videos and text. With official versions for iPhone and Android it’s one of the most popular and significant app in the world. Snapchat for Windows Phone has 6snap an unofficial version but a great alternative. The application was launched in 2011 and hasn’t stop grown, first in the United States, Europe and the last year in many Latin American countries like Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela. But why is so popular and why it’s STILL popular? What is the appealing? Let’s keep it short; Snapchat provides a practical solution to the sharing private photos and quick videos (10 seconds per video) and a temporary chat where everything is automatically deleted unless you shade the message and stay there for a while longer that 24hrs.

How to use Snapchat

Snapchat way easy to use and it’s possible that at this point is the main reason for its success:

Upload photos and videos

­ Open the app and to share a photo you just click once on the button circulate inside the screen. ­ To share a video you must push your finger on the same radio button and not let go until the end of 10 seconds, or less, depending on your preference.

Snapchats in My Story or private

If you want to share a Snap privately you must follow some of these steps: ­ Open the app, take a picture or shoot a video, edit it and, before publishing, select if you want to make it public by selecting ” My Story” and show it to all your contacts, mark a friend if you just want to send it to a person or mark several to send a group. ­ If you simply want to start a chat Just swipe your finger on the screen, find the contact and swipe again to go to the chat section. There, in addition to sharing text, you can also send photos or videos (following steps one and two) by clicking the yellow button at the bottom.

How to Add a friend or Snapchat users

Sometimes an application is so simple that complicates our minds and we simply don’t believe it, with Snapchat it happens and mostly when we add a friend. To add a contact we
only make a few taps within the appl. Once you get into you’ll find the camera interface to start running but if you swipe down the gosh on the top will displayed the administration screen and there you’ll see “Add Friend”. By clicking on the icon search, a kind of magnifying glass you can write the user name of the contact you want to add, if the application detects it, will show an icon plus ( + ) to the right, click on it and you’ve added a new friend on Snapchat

Edit photos and videos on Snapchathow to edit snapchat photos and videos

Another striking feature of this application is that we can edit the photo or video you are going to send in a simple and very fast way before we share it in our history or private.

Editing a photo

Snapchat offers editing options and functionality self­destruction for photos: ­ Time self­destruction of a photo: in the lower left corner you can press on the clock icon and choose the time it will take the picture to show. ­ Handwritten: before turning to the effects in the upper right you can click on the pencil icon and choose from hundreds of colors you want to write or draw freehand. ­ Effects on Snapchat: if you added color and time to show you can start adding effects sliding your finger right or left where you can add filters as Instagram style photo time, temperature, and, interestingly, speed. If you touch on the screen, you can add custom text and move you up and down, as you think it fits better in your photo. Once you finished editing, proceeds to share down on the arrow on the right bottom.

Filters for Snapchat

One of the things people use more on snapchat is Filters to Snapchat because they give you a more original look to your photos or videos. But what are the filters for Snapchat? They are basically layers you can add to your photo or video after recorded but before publishing. A filter can add a layer of color, the speed at which you move, increase or decrease the speed of a video easily. In addition there are the Geofiltros, the most popular, because they show names pre­designed, the location where you are, city or neighborhood. To turn on filters on Snapchat just open the app and in the section for capturing
images or videos slide your finger down, click on the Settings icon (gear) and locate the option “Additional Services” and click on the button to activate

Editing a video on Snapchat

In video, editing it’s similar because we can add effects swiping, drawing in different colors, add the time and, of course, add text. As a useful addition you can choose if you want to published with or without audio by clicking the speaker icon in the lower left.

New functions

On January 27, 2015 Snapchat updated its official application to add a new feature called Discover, genuine designed so users can find new creative content, mostly popular topics discussed on the official blog that shows us something beyond what we see in the usual monologues of people we follow. Discover on Snapchat is not a social function as in Instagram or Twitter that depends on the popularity of a select media group that will generate content every day. When enter for the first time in this new section you will find sites like SPN, Vice, CNN, People, and too many more.

Tips and tracks for Snapchat

The same application integrates options are disabled by default, and if we enable can better exploit their potential. To enable these features you must enter App and slide your finger to the right, enter the options by clicking on the gear icon to access Settings> Additional Services and activate the functions:
  • ­ filters
  • Flash front
  • text space
  • Repeat (replay) is the official option to repeat or see videos and photos uploaded by friends after 24 hours.
  • Number of best friends
How to upload photos and videos saved on your phone
  • Snap Upload (iPhone): with this app you can upload to Snapchat videos and photos that are already saved on your phone. Some believe that this is cheating because it is not an option included officially in the App.
  • CameraSnap (iPhone): is another free option to upload photos or videos already stored in Snapchat.
  • Snapshare: is a Xposed Framework module that allows you to upload photos and videos edited from Android. Be careful with this app and follow these steps.
Saving photos and videos from Snapchat
  • Snapkeep (iPhone): allows you to save photos and videos your friends share. From the app you can see the photos and videos as many times as you like with the option “download” to your iPhone.
  • SaveMySnaps (Android): t his one only allows you to save photos but it works quite well.
  • Snap-­Hack-Pro (iPhone): with this one you can save videos that were sent to you without telling to the other person, even save those of people you follow and they will never notice. It’s pay but has a Lite version.

Download Snapchat

I know that you want to download Snapchat after read all the great functions that have. you can do it from the following links:

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